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Matthew DiClemente

Matthew is well versed in all aspects of exhibit fabrication, art handling, design techniques, exhibition installation, mount making, and the proper lighting of artworks. He has a 10-year history as a professional preparatory, coming from a background in fine arts. Matthew has worked as an Exhibits Specialist at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and a Preparator at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. His professional training includes an MFA in Print Media from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, contract fabrication work, and a comprehensive exploratory craft centric studio practice.

Exhibit Fabrication


Rhino / Coding

Studio Practice


Matthew's work extends Print Media's historical tradition of social commentary, using satire and wit to expose human folly in everyday life. Consumerism, politics, bureaucracy and militarism are his favorite targets, but what he really traffics in is the theme of disappointment and disillusion - the realization that what we want and desire is rarely what we need; that what we get ultimately fails to satisfy.

An Email visualization and text concordance plotting project utilizing a collection of Email corrospondance between a Buddy and myself.  The entire series contains the same two base layers in red and blue marking who started each reply, and much like the rings of a tree, measuring the length of each email.  The black lines demarcate each occurance of a specific keyword such as Buddy, Michigan, Movies, or Yeti. The concordance mapping script was written in Python, and images were output in Illustrator.

Utilizing Python and Google image search I searched for the top 100 image results for each US President weekly for 3 years.  The data was then filtered through Photoshop, assigned a HEX value, dumped into Excel, and finally into Rhinoceros utilizing the Grasshopper plugin generating a volumetric abstraction of the collected data.

Using a simple Javascript routine and Illustrator I've been taking everyday text from emails, news headlines, and even works of literature and converting them into abstrated landscapes of colored blocks.

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